Want a funnel, but hate how much space it takes up?

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Introducing the first-ever funnel that folds completely flat and takes up zero space. Store it virtually anywhere and have a convenient tool that helps you with everything from the kitchen to your car or motorcycle.

It’s also super durable: the Flat Funnel is tough enough to be a cutting board, but flexible enough to fold flat.

Made from food-grade plastic, so it is safe for use in the kitchen. Need it for the garage or auto? Store it in a plastic baggie to keep the funnel clean from dirt, sawdust, and grime. Also, odors from transmission fluid or gasoline will be contained in the baggie.

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Traditional Funnels Are Obsolete

Old, rigid funnels roll around, take up a lot of space, and are hard to keep clean.

If you want to keep an old, rigid funnel in your motorcycle or car, where would you put it? And how would you store it so it doesn’t smell or get oil all over the place?

Also, rigid funnels don’t fit in tight spaces like an engine because of their round shape.


That’s Why We Created The Flat Funnel

Because it folds flat, you can fit it in your kitchen drawer or glove compartment for instant access and convenience.

With its flexible opening, you can also squeeze the flat funnel into all kinds of tight spaces regular funnels just can’t.

You can even store it inside a tiny plastic baggie to keep it clean from dirt and grime and prevent smells from seeping out.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind solution for a low price, try the Flat Funnel and see how it helps.

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The picture above shows the resting position of the funnel. If you need to store it flat, attach a paperclip to hold the walls closed. The spout does not close flat.


Great article by Inventor's alma mater.