Adventure in Learning and Applying

November 28, 2016 Eric Woodlock

One of the difficulties of school is to use that knowledge in the real world. I remember kids asking, "Why are we learning this? We'll never use this in life.". Well, bringing a product to market is testing my ability to learn and apply that knowledge. Currently, I'm learning how to put a website together currently. I've mainly learned that I'm not good at it. I have two sites, for the flat funnel and for the company. They use different web hosts and site builders. So, once I figured one out, I had to do it again. None...

Getting the word out about the Flat Funnel

September 10, 2015 Eric Woodlock

Welcome! Thanks for visiting. We are in the process of launching a new, patent-pending, product designed for saving space in your kitchen, car, garage, toolbox, or wherever you may use a funnel. And Yes, we will go on Shark Tank, but right now we are in the pre-sales stage. A funnel takes up so much space. What can you do? Well, now the flat funnel is here and can easily fit in your pocket.  Due to being a funnel, it can funnel. Gas in a tank or bulk foods into smaller containers. With volume marks on the walls, the funnel...