Adventure in Learning and Applying

November 28, 2016 Eric Woodlock

One of the difficulties of school is to use that knowledge in the real world. I remember kids asking, "Why are we learning this? We'll never use this in life.".

Well, bringing a product to market is testing my ability to learn and apply that knowledge.

Currently, I'm learning how to put a website together currently. I've mainly learned that I'm not good at it. I have two sites, for the flat funnel and for the company. They use different web hosts and site builders. So, once I figured one out, I had to do it again. None of it is hard, just time consuming.

Now that I know how to put a site together, the hard part starts - the details. Making a site look good is even tougher. I could easily find someone to do this for me, but it is good for me to learn some of this. I may break down soon though.

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