Who are you?

Hi, I'm Brice. I do environmental chemistry for a career. Much of my time is spent on construction sites minimizing environmental impacts. Making sure nasty stuff doesn't get released when large construction equipment brings up a 55 gallon drum or underground tank. You'd be surprised how much stuff is buried out there.

While on a jobsite, I noticed how much trouble the excavator operator was having with storing the large funnel they used for their equipment. My empathy kicked in because I have tried to store a funnel with similar frustration. I didn't even have one in the kitchen because they are a pain to have around. Asked myself, "How can this be better?". Then I came up with the living hinges on opposing sides of the funnel wall. Initial prototypes, cardboard cutouts and tape, showed this would work. Searched google and the patent office for prior art, then proceeded to submit a provisional patent application. Recently submitted the NPPA. Found similar products, but not exactly the same. The differences were important.

Dozens of prototypes were made. Starting with cardboard and tape. Took a knife to existing funnels. Then went on to various 3D printing options, Urethane molds, and back to 3D printing. Each prototype showed aspects that could be improved. Shape, wall thickness to make it flexible, molding shape to allow flatness, and general dimensions for shape.

Differences include the flat funnel is made of durable plastic. It can be used for more than just a funnel. It can be a cutting board, a bowl scraper, windshield squeegee, measuring cup, and more. Cleaning it is much easier. It folds completely down with the exception of the spout, it just folds some.

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