Press Release

FLAT plastic funnel compacts to fit in a back pocket or sandwich bag!

STICK it anywhere! It’ll fit!

Flat Funnel folds flat for compact storage. Funnels historically have been made from rigid plastic (high-density polyethylene, HDPE), making them difficult to store or get into hard to reach places like engines. Bellfig Creative, LLC has designed and manufactured Flat Funnel from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic. Designed with flexible walls and bending edges, the funnel folds flat or pinch the edges together to open into a funnel. These features result in a funnel that fits in the kitchen drawer, glove box, or even a back pocket. Flatter than the silicone collapsing funnels, it is easier to clean both by hand or in the dishwasher.


Made from food-grade plastic, the kitchen uses are numerous, e.g., funneling cooking oils, spices, powdered drinks, and squeezing lemons into bottles.  Polyethylene has a low-reactivity to most fluids used in the garage and for vehicles, e.g., gasoline, motor oil, and transmission fluid. Storable in a plastic bag, it stays clean in the trunk or truck bed when not in use. Flat Funnel’s natural resting position is in the half-open position and can be held fully closed using an ordinary paper clip. It can also be held open using binder clips attached to the bending edges.


“I need a funnel for my motorcycle. Flat funnel fits in a plastic bag I store under my seat.” Jeff Miller, motorcyclist.


Bellfig Creative, LLC from Denver, CO has designed, manufactured, and is selling their first product, Flat Funnel. Currently the 12-ounce, white version is for sale on and on Amazon.


Contact Owner: Brice Woodlock                         



Store beneath your motorcycle seat.

Easily fits in a kitchen drawer. To store flatter, use a paper clip to keep closed.

Hard to find Flat Funnel, but it is under the passenger side seat against the floor.

Wobbly table? Use a flat funnel to straighten it out.

Lodge Flat Funnel into a pepper grinder for easier refill.